27 April 2020

Women in vision science – the latest issue of OPO

The latest issue of OPO is a tribute to Dame Ida Mann, and celebrates leading female vision scientists.

A well-meaning lecturer had advised her not to embark on a PhD as she would then be too over-qualified for anybody to want to marry her!

The latest issue of Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics (OPO) is a tribute to distinguished ophthalmologist Dame Ida Mann, and celebrates leading female vision scientists.  

Shahina Pardhan, the UK’s first female professor of optometry, explores Dame Ida Mann’s life and career in her editorial, and discusses the many barriers women in vision science have faced in the years since she was made a professor, from needing your father’s signature to attend graduate school, to unconscious prejudices and bias.

All of the articles in this issue have been authored by leading women in vision, including research on night-time driving, macular disease and the link between myopia and screen time.

You can also hear Shahina discuss women in vision science in the latest episode of our podcast.

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