21 May 2020

Myopia management: Where are we and where are we heading?

The latest issue of our international research journal, OPO, is out now.

“Clinicians must stay alert to ongoing myopia research that will undoubtedly result in an evolution of the standard of care for the myopic and pre‐myopic child.”

Global myopia prevalence is increasing, and it is projected that half the world will be myopic by 2050. The latest issue of Ophthalmic Physiological Optics (OPO) – reviews recent evidence to provide a comprehensive look at the safety and effectiveness of myopia management methods. The article aims to arm practitioners with the evidence‐based information they need to fully manage myopia.

Also in this issue, patient views on buying eyewear online and an investigation of into the relationship between health and socio‐economic status and delayed attendance at routine eye examinations.
You can also take our myopia – management in practice online learning course, which will support you to advise parents, carers and patients on available management options.

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