It's your call

30 April 2021
Spring 2021

Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom, Clinical Adviser for the College, on the vital importance of professional judgement.

Over the past 18 months, the pace of guidance change has never been so fast. However, professional judgement remains as vital as ever. Professional judgement is a critical cognitive component that differentiates technicians from independent healthcare professionals. 

For example, I have had several clinical enquiries relating to contact lens (CL) supply during the pandemic: for instance, “Can a remote CL consultation and supply be provided if a patient has an expired CL specification in the amber phase?” Typically, the context is a CL supply request from a wearer who has declared that they are clinically vulnerable to COVID-19, or they would like to wait for both doses of the vaccination before attending a face-to-face appointment. 

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