How would you manage a child presenting with a binocular vision problem?

2 August 2023
Summer 2023

In each issue, Acuity poses a topical question to a panel of members.

Brodie Ruaux MCOptom

Senior optometrist, Tombs and Allen Opticians, Gosport

My typical management for a child with accommodative esotropia and amblyopia would be to prescribe full cycloplegic refraction (particularly if they were hyperopic) and recommend building up to full-time wear and referring to the hospital eye service orthoptics team via the child’s GP to review visual acuity (VA) and strabismus angle after the child has had a chance to adapt to the spectacles. I would expect them to be seen at our local community hospital “orthoptics-led” clinic for orthoptist assessment within eight to 16 weeks.

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