Methods of measurement of the anterior chamber angle Part 3

11 February 2014
Volume 15, Issue 1

Current imaging-based technologies which can aid the detection of ACG.


Angle closure glaucoma (ACG) is a major cause of visual morbidity worldwide (Quigley and Broman 2006). With the ageing population and increasing longevity, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 11.2 million people will be bilaterally blind from glaucoma worldwide by the year 2020, and nearly half of these cases will be the result of ACG (WHO 2007). The first article in this series (Dabasia et al. 2013a) considered the definitions/classification, epidemiology and risk factors for ACG. The second paper (Dabasia et al. 2013b) presented a review of traditional slit-lamp techniques to screen for the condition. This final article will review current imaging-based technologies which can aid the detection of ACG. 

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