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Listen to a selection of Optometry in Practice (OiP) authors talking about their work on the College's podcast.

Podcast: Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, Editor of OiP, and Professor Shahina Pardhan MCOptom, Director of Vision and Eye Research Institute at ARU, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on eye health and eyecare.

Podcast: Choroidal naevi can be difficult to distinguish from melanomas, which means that many patients with benign tumours are referred to hospital eye clinics while urgent treatment of those with melanoma is delayed.

Podcast: Optometry in Practice (OiP) Editor-in-Chief, Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, interviews Claire McDonnell MSc elearning FAOI, one of the authors of the recent paper on lissamine green.

Podcast: We talk to Dr Jonathan Denniss MCOptom who discusses the strengths and limitations of using OCT for glaucoma diagnosis and gives practical advice on how OCT can be used by optometrists.

Podcast: Dr Vijay Anand MCOptom talks about his co-authored paper Keratoconus and cross-linking, including his experience with the condition; the development of new patient pathways; and the role of artificial intelligence.

Podcast: We talk to Dr Susie Jones MCOptom, about her top tips for optometrists thinking about offering myopia management, advice on managing patients’ expectations, and much more.

Podcast: Dr Paramdeep Singh Bilkhu MCOptom talks about why allergic conjunctivitis is likely to be underdiagnosed; how to choose the best medication for your patients; and much more.

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