Unusual appearance of a retinal haemorrhage

1 October 2007
Volume 08, Issue 4

This looks at the case of a young man with no past ocular or medical history who sustained a blunt injury to the left eye resulting in a corneal abrasion and 7.5mm hyphaema


Figure 1 shows a well-defined flat, round, yellow lesion inferior to the optic disc and approximately 1.5 disc diameters in size. This is the appearance of the left retina of an asymptomatic 28-year-old man with good visual acuity (6/9 Snellen). The rest of his fundus was unremarkable. The right eye was normal. The differential diagnosis of such a lesion would include hard exudates; a mass lesion, for example, an osteoma; an inflammatory lesion such as a Toxoplasma or Toxocara scar; and retinal pigment epithelial atrophy

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