4.50pm - 5.50pm
Sponsor Session
DISCUSSION WORKSHOP: Looking beyond the tears - Bausch + Lomb

Discussion workshop

CPD ref: C-102262

Description: This discussion workshop will review the composition of the tear film and discuss its integral role in the overall health of the ocular surface. It will look at the effect of soft contact lens interaction with the tear film and ocular surface and will discuss various in-practice quantifiable methods of assessment that can help towards retaining patients comfortably in their contact lenses.

Target audience: OO/CLO/DO

Domains and learning outcomes

Specialty CPD for CLOs

Clinical practice

s.5 keep your knowledge and skills up to date

  • Practitioners will recognise the role of the tear film in maintaining ocular health and understand methods to assess its integrity.


Rakhee Thakrar

Rakhee Thakrar has been a Professional Affairs Associate with Bausch + Lomb since 2019. She qualified as an Optometrist in 2009 and has gained much hands-on experience and knowledge over this time. She has worked in numerous practices as a locum optometrist which include high street chains and independent Opticians. She has enjoyed her role as a secondary supervisor to pre-registration Optometrists whilst in practice, where she was able to encourage and empower students to achieve. Being in the Optical industry over the last 12 years has enabled Rakhee to further expand her knowledge and skill-set in many areas. It has given her the opportunity to observe, learn, implement and adapt with the way different practices work and through this, has been able to encounter a diverse range of patients and pathology. Within her role at Bausch + Lomb she writes and delivers educational content and CPD sessions to a wide range of audiences.