4.50pm - 5.50pm
Sponsor Session
LECTURE: Myopia: Pathways to therapy - EssilorLuxottica


CPD ref: C-101416

CPD points: 1


The lecture will cover the research background which underpins the current developments in myopia management strategies. A number of interventions to slow the progression of myopia are currently being used in clinical trials and front-line clinical practice, including multifocal contact lenses, orthokeratology, spectacle lens options, and pharmacological preparations. It is important that practitioners have an understanding of the optical or pharmacological basis for myopia management techniques; this will be provided. The talk will also discuss the relative efficacy of myopia management interventions, and will set the scene for the many remaining research questions in this very interesting field of clinical work.

Target audience

OO/DO/CLO, Specialty optometrist (AS/SP/IP

Domains and learning outcomes

Clinical practice

s.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date

  • Practitioners will understand not only the current interventions surrounding myopia but also how they can actively use this information and research in practice.
  • They will also understand how important continued data and research is to further progression in the field of myopia management.

Specialty CPD - AS/SP/IP optometrist

  • The practitioner will take an in-depth look into the efficacy of using atropine as a method of myopia management and understand the findings from various areas of research.

Specialty CPD - contact lens optician

  • The practitioner will understand findings from recent trials surrounding the efficacy of orthokeratology in myopia management and reduction in axial length.
  • The success of multifocal contact lens use in myopia studies will also be understood as well as a way to use this information in practice to offer the best solution to the patient.


Professor Edward Mallen BSc PhD MCOptom

Ed graduated in optometry from Aston University in 1998, and completed a PhD at the same institution in 2003. He is now Head of the School of Optometry and Vision Science, and Professor of Physiological Optics at the University of Bradford. He also holds the position of Honorary Professor with the School of Health Professions, Plymouth University, and Visiting Professor at Aston University. Ed was appointed College President in March 2018.

Ed is the Ex Officio of the Education and Standards and Research Committees and the Lay Advisory Panel.