3.15pm - 4.15pm
Workshop | Discussion workshop
DISCUSSION: Is Seeing Believing? Maximising success in remote consultations 2

CPD ref: C-102434

Description: Remote consultations are more prevalent than ever before, with Optometrists more frequently becoming the first port of call for all manner of symptoms and signs.  CUES and MECS schemes across the country have led to an increase in the need to make decisions on actions and timescales potentially without the patient ever sitting in your consulting room chair.  As we build to work collaboratively across the profession, utilising the skillset of those around us in primary and secondary care, the need for skilful remote assessment has increased.  This discussion workshop will explore three cases and seek to drive efficiency and confidence when dealing with patients remotely. 

Target audience: Optometrist

Domains and learning outcomes
s.2 Communicate effectively with patients
- Able to identify the relevant and appropriate questions to elicit sufficient detail when triaging a patient through remote consultation.
Clinical practice
s.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date
- Understands the relevance of specific symptoms and how to investigate appropriately to determine the need for further investigations. and understands the time frames for follow up based on the information determined remotely.
s.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments, and referrals
- Understands how to establish the need to provide or arrange any further examinations, advice, investigations or treatment if required for your patient.


Clair Bulpin BSc MCOptom Prof Cert Paed Eye Care Prof Cert Med Ret

Clair graduated from Cardiff University with a first-class honors degree and has undertaken a variety of roles within Optometry.

Clair has extensive experience with both developing and delivering educational content, facilitating peer discussions, and leading clinical workshops around communication skills at conferences.

She has also authored several articles for publication including those on the topics of Communication and Contact Lenses. Alongside Assessor and Examiner roles within the College, she currently supports third year undergraduates in primary care clinics at UWE. She continues to work in practice and participates in many enhanced local schemes including the CUES pathway.