2.10pm - 3.10pm
Workshop | Discussion workshop
DISCUSSION: OCT and optic discs (for more experienced users ) 1

CPD ref: C-102374

Description: This discussion workshop will cover the examination of the optic disc for diagnosing glaucoma and other optic disc pathology. It is aimed at optometrists experienced at using OCT and will cover the following points: • Why use OCT to assess the optic disc? • What to look for when assessing OCT optic disc image and RNFL analysis • Diagnostic accuracy and limitations of OCT for assessing discs • Case studies of abnormal discs 

Target audience: Optometrist 

Domains and learning outcomes: Clinical practice

S.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date
- Understand the diagnostic accuracy and limitations of using OCT to assess optic discs

S.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals
- Understand when OCT is indicated to assess the optic disc
- Understand what to look for when assessing OCT optic disc images and RNFL analysis;


Dr Irene Ctori MCOptom

Dr Irene Ctori has over 25 years experience in optometry, with many years in community practice and several years working in the HES. Following her PhD a few years ago, Irene has worked at City, University of London as a full time academic. She teaches Undergraduate and Postgraduate students across many areas of optometry, with her main area of expertise being ocular pathology and use of OCT.

Polly Dulley MPhil BSc MCOptom

Polly Dulley qualified as an optometrist 35 years ago and worked in academia and HES for several years before settling in independent practice alongside her optometrist husband 22 years ago. Polly’s MPhil looked at ocular adverse reactions to Tamoxifen and her work for the College has included examining, assessing and facilitating as well as developing the Higher Qualification in paediatrics. Polly worked alongside Irene in paediatric clinics at City, University of London for several years. Polly has been using OCT extensively in practice for 10 years.