3.15pm - 4.15pm
Sponsor Session | Discussion workshop
DISCUSSION WORKSHOP: The new frontier in dry eye treatment 2 - Lumenis Be

CPD ref: C-102631


With Dry Eye affecting up to 50% of the population impacting vision, quality of life and the outcomes of ophthalmic surgeries the need for effective treatments has never been greater.
This session introduces a paradigm change in dry eye management, using the first and only light therapy, FDA-approved for dry eyes. The patented Optimal Pulse Technology transforms the use of light and allows targeted, uniform, precise, and controlled treatment to safely and effectively target the key underlying factors of the disease including inflammation.

During the session, OptiLight by Lumenis will be introduced and demonstrated.

Target audience

Optometrists, therapeutic optometrists and contact lens opticians

Domains and learning outcomes


s.2 Communicate effectively with patients

  • Practitioners will be able to advise patients about novel technologies for the management of dry eye disease.

Clinical practice

s.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date

s.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals

  • Practitioners will be aware of novel dry eye management strategies that can be undertaken within their scope of practice.

Speciality CPD for IP


Craig Wilcox MCOptom

Specialist Optometrist

Craig trained as an optometrist in Johannesburg South Africa, and went on to specialise in The Treatment & Management of Ocular Disease & Pharmaceutical Application and Developmental Vision & Public Health from the New England College of Optometry Boston, USA. 

He holds UK certifications in developmental and behavioural optometry as well as post graduate qualifications from Cardiff University and Birmingham Aston University in ocular disease, independent prescribing and glaucoma.  

He is on the specialist register of the General Optical Association and member of The College of Optometrists, Association of Optometrists and the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists. 

In addition to general practice His current scope of interest in specialist practice includes:   

  • Tear film and Ocular Surface (Dry Eye Disease) 
  • Refractive Management in children & young Adults
  • Speciality Contact lenses
  • Diabetic Eyecare
  • Dry Macula degeneration 
  • Reading and Vision Development
  • Ocular Nutraceutical Development. 

Craig has been Faculty of the J&J Vision Care Institute and has lectured extensively both internationally and nationally on clinical topics, dry eye, contact lenses and communication skills.