3.15pm - 4.15pm
Interactive Session
INTERACTIVE SESSION 1: 30 minutes, 4 patients (J&J Vision) & Cataract surgery video (SpaMedica)


30 minutes, 4 patients (Johnson & Johnson Vision) & Cataract surgery video with Commentary (SpaMedica) 

CPD ref: C-102499

Description: This session, which takes place within the exhibition hall on the company stands using headsets to listen, comprises of two parts. 

Part one: With an ageing population, knowing how to manage ageing patients, ensuring their visual, ocular health & lifestyle needs are taken into account is a key part of the role of an optician. With ageing comes changes to vision, the tear film and other ocular structures, making these patients a particular challenge. This quick-fire discussion workshop presents 4 patient cases. Delegates will work together in groups to diagnose and manage each patient case in their own time. 30 minutes, 4 patients. Are you up to the challenge? 

Part Two: The second part of the session will facilitate discussion of cataract surgery and case histories of patients presenting with abnormal symptoms following treatment. For each case, practitioners will discuss the patient history, clinical findings, differential diagnosis, the referral pathway and required treatment.

Target audience: Optometrist, Contact lens optician 
Domains and learning outcomes
s.2 Communicate effectively with patients
- Understand how to effectively communicate with patients about presbyopic contact lens correction options
- Able to explain to cataract patients effectively about the implications of postoperative complications
Clinical practice
s.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date
- Understands different presbyopic correction options, in particular multifocal contact lens fitting
s.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals
- Able to assess and identify postoperative complications following cataract surgery

Marie-Therèse Hall BSc MCOptom Prof Cert Med Ret

Marie-Therese Hall BSc MCOptom Prof Cert Med Ret graduated from the University of Manchester in 2008 and completed her Pre-Registration year with D&A. Since qualification in 2009, she has worked in both multiple and independent practice in the North East of England in a variety of different practices. Marie-Therese has held various roles including practice management and supervision of both a Student Dispensing Opticians and Pre-Registration Optometrists. Marie-Therese joined Johnson & Johnson as a Professional Affairs Consultant in October 2017.

Dr Alex Silvester MBChB (hons) MSc MBA CMgr FCMI

Dr Silvester MBChB (hons) MSc MBA CMgr FCMI is an Ophthalmologist and Medical Director at SpaMedica. Alex has an interest in epidemiology and big data and is a member of the Vision Loss Expert Group which provides global technical leadership in the development of epidemiological estimates for blindness and visual impairment. Alex has published papers in high impact journals including the Lancet, the British Medical Journal and the British Journal of Ophthalmology. His work on reducing topical antibiotics following routine cataract surgery was shortlisted for a Public Health England Antibiotic Guardian award. He regularly presents at international conferences on improving cataract surgery outcomes, risk stratification, and clinical governance, most recently at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.