10.45am - 11.45am
Sponsor Session
LECTURE: Examination of the lid margins and eyelashes - Thea Pharmaceuticals


Examination of the lid margins and eyelashes - seeing the signs and knowing what they mean! - Thea Pharmaceuticals

CPD ref: C-101900 

Description: This lecture will allow practitioners to have an understanding of how to interpret common eyelid margin conditions and what the diagnosis is and how to manage them effectively in practice. The speaker will also give us a greater understanding about systemic diseases and the link with certain eyelid margin conditions.

Target audience: Optometrist, Dispensing optician

Domains and learning outcomes
Clinical practice
Practitioners will have an understanding of how to interpret common eyelid margin conditions through external eye examination (s.7)
Practitioners will have a greater understanding about which systemic diseases are associated with eyelid margin conditions. (s.5)
Practitioners will have an awareness of the treatment options for eye lid margin conditions (s.5)
Practitioners will be able to advise the patients about their clinical condition and how to manage effectively (s.2)


Professor Teifi James

Prof Teifi James DO FBCLA FRCP FRCS FRCOphth is a consultant ophthalmologist. He has been teaching the Tear Film module at WOPEC over the last decade and has been an Honorary Visiting Professor at Cardiff University since 2016. In his clinical practice in West Yorkshire, alongside cataract surgery, general and emergency ophthalmology, Teifi specialised in the management of Uveitis, Scleritis and ocular inflammatory diseases - particularly those conditions associated with systemic diseases. About 20 years ago Teifi became very interested in the ocular surface, developing his idea for a reusable microwaveable warm compress. His aim was to improve patient compliance with hot compress treatment - making life easier and better for both patients and eye care professionals. He launched the Eyebag® - the first microwaveable re-usable warm eye compress - in 2005, running The Eyebag Company Ltd alongside his clinical commitments. Teifi sold the Eyebag® to Laboratoires Théa in 2021 and they now market it as Blepha Eyebag®. Although Prof James recently ceased clinical medical practice he continues to lecture and deliver seminars. Teifi still teaches the post-graduate Tear Film module at WOPEC and has become adept at delivering virtual lectures and webinars during the covid-19 pandemic.