2.10pm - 3.10pm
Sponsor Session
LECTURE: Ocular surface disease untangled - Thea Pharmaceuticals

CPD ref: C-101897

Description: This lecture will cover the pathophysiology of ocular surface disease caused by dry eye including inflammation mechanisms and the influence of medications. With reference to the TFOS DEWS II report the lecturer will discuss the importance of investigative techniques and conclude with sharing pearls of practice on deciding treatment.

Target audience: Optometrist, Dispensing optician, Contact lens optician

Domains and learning outcomes
Clinical practice
Practitioners will have an understanding about the pathophysiology of ocular surface disease and how these factors influence the management of dry eye. (s.5)
Practitioners will have an understanding of the homeostatic mechanisms of the anterior eye in relation to patient symptoms and signs as outlined in the TFOS DEWS II Report (s.5)
Practitioners will be able to make appropriate decisions in the management of dry eye disease in contact lens wearers (s.5)
Practitioners will be an understanding on risk factors and pathophysiology such as general health, medication, lifestyle, etc and be able to communicate this to the patient and outline a management plan for dry eye disease. (s.2)


Marie-Laure Orr MCOptom

Marie-Laure Orr -van Loenhout Marie-Laure is the Course Leader for Optometry at UCLan and she teaches a range of subjects across all modules in the current programme. As a Registered Optometrist, she prides herself on applying technical knowledge in identifying eye diseases. During her BSc. undergraduate studies with Hogeschool Utrecht, her pre-registration was with Moorfields Eye Hospital, London under the tutelage of various ophthalmic professionals. After graduating, she worked in Dutch Eye hospitals in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Maastricht as a contact lens specialist. In 1998, she moved to the University of Manchester to undertake research at EuroLens. She then followed formal studies to obtain her MSc. in Ophthalmic investigative techniques. Since graduation in 1998, Marie Laure has been employed across a range of optical organisations. Private practice, hospital eye department, laser eye clinic and low vision optical services. Her knowledge of therapeutic contact lens application, eye diseases and solutions to low vision problems are extensive. More recently, Marie Laure studied with Aston University following their Independent Prescribing course. She obtained fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, since 2020 through her teaching and learning qualification at UCLan. Her interest in optometric education has provided an ideal platform to mentor and guide students to be able to operate at a professional level.