2.10pm - 3.10pm
Workshop | Skills workshop
SKILLS: Anterior segment slit lamp: refining your skills under pressure! 1

CPD ref: C-102490

Description:This workshop will guide clinicians in the anterior segment examination of patients who present with risk factors associated with secondary causes of raised intraocular pressure. The focus will be on examining the anterior chamber including the assessment and grading of anterior chamber depth, and the signs associated with pseudo-exfoliation and pigment dispersion syndrome.

Target audience: Optometrist

Domains and learning outcomes
Clinical practice
s.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date
- Understand the importance of assessing and measuring the anterior chamber depth both centrally and peripherally
s.6 Recognise, and work within, your limits of competence
- Able to refer appropriately, understanding referral criteria in cases of narrow anterior chamber angles, pseudoexfoliation and pigment dispersion
s.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals
- Able to look for anterior segment secondary causes of raised intraocular pressure using the slitlamp, including signs of pseudoexfoliation and pigment dispersion
- Able to assess and measure the anterior chamber depth


Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson is a Lead Optometrist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. She has extensive clinical experience in extended roles within the hospital eye service including optometrist led and consultant glaucoma clinics, diabetic retinopathy clinics and in the Emergency Eye Department. Helen holds the independent prescribing qualification as well as the College of Optometrists Diploma in Glaucoma and Ocular Conditions. She has extensive experience in treating and managing patients both in the specialist glaucoma clinics and emergency setting. Helen also regularly teaches and mentors both undergraduate optometry and medical students as well as optometrists training for the independent prescribing qualification.