4.40pm - 5.40pm
Workshop | Skills workshop
SKILLS: Wet or Dry? Don’t let AMD make you cry! 2

CPD ref: C-102489

Description: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a growing concern in the Western world due to an ageing population and eye care practitioners are increasingly likely to encounter patients with such changes in their eyes. In this workshop optometrists will examine real patients and use case studies to help identify specific features of dry and wet AMD, in order to be able to more confidently differentially diagnose these two conditions and more effectively manage their patients in practice

Target audience: Optometrist

Domains and learning outcomes
Clinical practice
s.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date
- Understand the NICE guidelines for referral for wet AMD
- Understands the treatment for wet AMD
- Able to recognise the different types of AMD and how to use OCT to help with diagnosis
s.6 Recognise, and work within, your limits of competence
- Able to identify key features of wet AMD and refer appropriately
s.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals
- Able to use various techniques to examine a patient with suspect AMD (including Amsler/OCT/slitlamp and indirect ophthalmoscopy) to make a differential diagnosis and monitor or refer as appropriate


Shamina Asif MCOptom

Shamina qualified from Aston University in 2004 with a First-class honours degree and having a having received the highest prize in elective studies. She is currently a self- employed optometrist having, worked for Boots Opticians for 12 years and is a tutor on the Boots Opticians pre-registration programme. She has supervised two pre-registration students.

Shamina is Chair of the Dudley LOC and Vice-Chair of Walsall LOC. She has been actively involved in promoting optometry, having been featured in two articles in the Daily Mail. She has a keen interest in the effect of nutrition and smoking on ARMD.