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This session will celebrate new BCLA Fellows.

This lecture will look at where we are now with respect to the evidence and interventions available to support myopia management.

This workshop will discuss the EDOF optics of multifocal designs and then demonstrate how to successfully fit a design using patented catenary optics.

This workshop clarifies issues relating the supply of medicines, particularly “emergency” requirements.

This session will explore the emotional journey of the emerging presbyope and help equip ECPs with the right tools to help patients at each point of the emotional rollercoaster.

This session considers the ocular health of a myope in his mid-forties and discusses how we could have intervened had we had today’s knowledge when he was a child.

This is an intermediate level session focusing on OCT for glaucoma including OCTA.

Three cases will aim to explore examples which may appear in any practice and overcome some of the concerns which may be raised by parents and carers.

This discussion workshop includes techniques to assess anterior chamber angle and analysis of images.

This workshop covers the key fundamentals of how communication works hand-in-hand with change in order to create a real working alliance.

This fast-paced, station-based discussion workshop will task practitioners to uncover some of the key factors influencing true contact lens wearer satisfaction.