Optometry students

All UK optometry students are members of the College of Optometrists, the professional body for optometry. We are here to help you succeed at university, on your pre-reg placement and throughout your career in optometry.

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You have free access a range of great benefits designed to support your studies, take a little of the stress out of student life and help you into the workplace.  Make sure you are making the most of your College membership: 


The College - your professional body

College reps are here for you for anything to do with the College. They can help you understand your free member benefits, keep you updated on all the relevant College news and events through your university communications and their Facebook updates and help you make the most of student life with their blogs.

Boosting your clinical and professional skills and knowledge

The College website is your ‘go to’ resource for information and guidance on all essential topics and conditions. We can help you in your studies, boost your skills and knowledge and prepare you for the challenges of the workplace.

Pre-reg placement and career support

Searching for a pre-reg placement? Thinking about your career but not sure which path to take? Looking for tips and advice on CVs, interviews and landing your perfect job? Look no further!


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