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Our reps make sure you have a say on our activities by passing on your feedback, questions and ideas. They also keep you updated on what’s going on at the College and how we can support you at university. Look out for their blogs and social media posts. 

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Your 20201 student reps

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Ishaaq Mahmood

Favourite equipment: Slit lamp
Favourite book: Clinical procedures in primary eye care by David B. Elliott.
Favourite topic area: Clinical practice
Favourite college resource: Acuity 
What inspired you to become an optometrist? My initial interest in optometry stemmed from my experience as a patient, being assessed at the eye hospital and then work experience at a local independent opticians.  

Krishnee Yagnik

Favourite equipment: Volk Lens. Although it is miniature in size and takes time to master the hand-eye coordination, it provides a fascinating view of the fundus!
Favourite book: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Favourite topic area: My clinical practice module. It enables me to put everything I have learnt from my lectures into practice. 
Favourite College resource: The blogs. They provide an insight into the daily challenges practitioners face. 
What inspired you to become an optometrist? Its strong scientific base, the challenges of developing in an expanding, dynamic sector, and the opportunity to work alongside a variety of people.

Sarbjit Kaur Johal

Favourite equipment: Slit lamp
Favourite topic area: Contact lens fitting 
Favourite College resource: Clinical Management Guidelines on the College app
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I love to help people out - and enjoy sharing fun facts about the eyes with everyone.

Farah Shafait

Favourite equipment: Retinoscope
Favourite topic area: Refraction and refractive error 
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I’ve worn glasses from an early age and now wear contact lenses. The impact you can have on a patient’s life by improving their eyesight is something I find highly rewarding.

What inspired you to become an optometrist? I’ve worn glasses from an early age and now wear contact lenses. The impact you can have on a patient’s life by improving their eyesight is something I find highly rewarding.

Faaria Khan

Favourite equipment: Retinoscope. Learning how to use it was frustrating at first, but now I enjoy it. 
Favourite topic area: Anatomy of the eye.
Favourite College resource: The study resources. With everything from online webinars, ethical scenario practices and access to books and journals online. I’ve found this to be a great source when I’ve needed a bit more understanding on a particular topic or wanted more practice for assessments. 
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I was very confused about what career path I wanted to take at 16, and my local optometrist suggested doing some work experience with him during my routine eye test. Optometrists can provide a better quality of life for patients and this is what drew me to optometry - I hope to make a difference to patients' lives.

Amy Cooper

Favourite equipment: Confrontation stick (due to the name), but I think the humble occluder deserves a mention too.
Favourite book: Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology - I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it, but for full detail and great pictures you can’t go wrong.
Favourite topic area: Changes regularly, although I’m really liking contact lenses at the moment.
Favourite College resource: Ethical scenarios
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I was really stuck with what to do for a long time. My old boss commented that he thought optometry would suit me, I did some work experience with a local practice, really enjoyed it, and then never looked back - which was fortunate as the UCAS deadline was only a couple of months away.

Ishaa Darr

Favourite equipment: +0.25 and +1.00 flippers - you don’t realise how much smoother your routine is with them until you forget them somewhere!
Favourite book: I’ve spent more time reading Kanski’s Clinical Opthalmology as background reading than anything this year! 
Favourite topic area: Investigative techniques for sure! I think it’s amazing what you can see with a slit lamp and how fast different technologies are emerging to help us diagnose and monitor ocular diseases.
Favourite College resource: I find the Guidance really useful. You can quickly refer to it when something seems unclear. It really is a ‘how to’ guide for any optometrist. 
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I did a week of work experience at my brother’s specialist school for children with disabilities. It amazed me that you were able to provide an exact prescription for a child whose learning difficulties meant they weren’t verbal.

Martha Evans

Favourite equipment: Volk lens
Favourite topic area: Ocular anatomy
Favourite College resource: Student rep blogs
What inspired you to become an optometrist? The opportunity to help patients receive a better quality of life, and being able to go into a field that is rapidly advancing. I am very fortunate to be going into a career where I can combine my love for science with interacting with people in the community.

Uroosa Bajwa

Favourite equipment: Slit lamp.
Favourite book: Kanski’s clinical ophthalmology.
Favourite topic: Eye disease - it is really interesting putting clues together and forming a diagnosis.
Favourite College resource: The app because of the Clinical Management Guidelines and Optometrists' Formulary, which are very useful for revision.
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I was inspired to do optometry when I went to an eye test myself. When I researched the career and found out about all the opportunities that are available, I was hooked. 

Khakan Malhi

Favourite equipment: Slit lamp           
Favourite topic area: Diseases of the eye
Favourite College resource: Library resources
What inspired you to become an optometrist? Shadowing hospital optometrists and discovering the variety of cases they see. Working in a large team, including ophthalmologists and other medical professionals, also inspired me to push to become an optometrist.

Hannah Einarson

Favourite equipment: Volk
Favourite book: Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology
Favourite topic area: Pathology
Favourite College resource: Clinical Management Guidelines
What inspired you to become an optometrist? Getting to look at my fundus photos while attending my routine appointment.

Chloe Bond

Favourite equipment: Fundus cameras. I find them so fun to use and they are such an indispensable piece of equipment.  
Favourite book: The Human Eye by Clyde Oyster. It’s got such detailed illustrations and the information is really easy to digest.  
Favourite topic area: Physiology and pathology. I love learning about the aetiology of diseases, it is fascinating that so many conditions can affect the eye.  
Favourite College resource: Ethical scenarios, they are such a good way to build up confidence in your clinical decision-making and ability to problem solve. They have some brilliant scenarios that you might not have come across in clinic.  
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I always tried to pick what I thought were the worst options during refraction when I was younger in an attempt to get glasses, but every time they would know what I was doing. I found it so interesting and magical that optometrist could figure out exactly what was happening with your eyes in a short amount of time. 

Rafee'a Siddique

Favourite Equipment: Non-Contact Tonometer/ Goldmann Applanation Tonometer
Favourite Book: Kanski's Clinical Ophthalmology
Favourite Topic Area: Ocular pathology
Favourite College Resource: Clinical Management Guidelines
What inspired you to become an optometrist? Optometry is a very interactive and community-driven profession. This really drew me in as I love meeting and interacting with new people. I am also very curious and optometry is a field of work with so much to be explored and discovered.

Muhammad Daniyaal Ahmed (Daniyaal)

Favourite equipment: I love using the ophthalmoscope for direct and enjoy using a volk lens for indirect. I am always in awe of what I can see. The first time I picked up an ophthalmoscope really made me appreciate the intricacies of the eye.
Favourite topic area: I enjoy clinical practice the most, anything from conducting a sight test to fitting a contact lens. I am most at home when I have a patient sat in the chair, knowing I can help them motivates me. 
Favourite College resource: The ethical scenarios, an invaluable tool. Especially for pre-reg, it really does help prepare you for the structure of assessment and benefits you when at university.
What inspired you to be an optometrist? Being an extrovert, I’ve always built good rapport with people. I really do go the extra mile! Eyes have always been my passion and being in optics since I was 16 only fuelled this. As such, being an optometrist was a no-brainer.

Natalie Wilkinson

Favourite equipment: Retinoscope 
Favourite book: Optometry: Science, techniques and clinical management by Rosenfield & Logan
Favourite topic area: Ophthalmoscopy and examining the ocular health of the posterior eye.
Favourite College resource: The Instagram account!
What inspired you to become an optometrist? Working as an optical assistant inspired me to become an optometrist. I found it rewarding to help the local community and I find the science behind optometry fascinating.

Zara Cowell

Favourite equipment: OCT/opthalmoscope
Favourite book: Primary eye care
Favourite topic areas: Low vision, paediatrics and pathology
Favourite College resource: Ethical scenarios have been an amazing help with my studies - you can test your professional judgement and gain an understanding of the best care for your patient.
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I started out as an optical assistant then went on to qualify as a dispensing optician. I found a passion for everything optics related, especially paediatrics and low vision.

Kobytha Kobynathsingh

Favourite equipment: OCT
Favourite book: Clinical ophthalmology: a systematic approach
Favourite topic area: Binocular vision 
Favourite College resource: Clinical management guidelines
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I have had myopia for ten years now and am interested in paediatric vision therapy from work experience in the field. I find it amazing that examining the eye can be used to detect conditions affecting the rest of the body. 

Nadia Hussain

Favourite Equipment: Retinoscope
Favourite Book: Clinical anatomy of the eye
Favourite topic area: Geometrical optics
Favourite College resource: The app and student blogs
What inspired you to become an optometrist? Gaining skills that can help those in need in the UK and abroad. 

Sarbjeet Kaur

Favourite equipment: Retinoscope 
Favourite college resource: Clinical Management Guidelines
What inspired you to become an optometrist? Knowing that each day will be different, and ultimately, having a positive impact on a person's vision is important. 

Sarah Hollyhead

Favourite equipment: Ophthalmoscope and retinoscope
Favourite book: Kanski’s clinical ophthalmology
Favourite topic area: Pathology and therapeutics
Favourite College resource: Optometrists’ Formulary
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I have been interested in optometry since going with my brother to his sight tests as a child. I enjoy caring for people so helping the public with their vision was the perfect career choice for me. 

Shreya Gupta

Favourite equipment: Ophthalmoscope 
Favourite topic area: Diabetes 
What inspired you to become an optometrist? I have always been fascinated by the eye, and I knew I wanted to be in a related medical field.