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Our student reps are the point of contact between the College and our student members. We rely on them to share our news with you, and to share your news, ideas and questions with us.

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College reps are here for you for anything to do with the College. They can help you understand your free member benefits, keep you updated on all the relevant College news and events through your university communications and help you make the most of student life with their blogs. 

They also make sure that you can have a say on our activities by passing on your feedback, questions and ideas. We rely on them to share our news with you, and to share your news, ideas and questions with us. Make sure you read their blogs on the reality of life as an optometry student. 

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Anglia Ruskin University

Kabir Khan
Student rep, Anglia Ruskin University

So far, Kabir has become a really enthusiastic student, learning how optometry can make a difference to patients in a much more complexed clinical environment. Over the summer he undertook a research project at the Vision and Eye Research Institute which instilled a real love of research for him. He has also been ARU’s course rep for optometry over the past three years. This has allowed him to connect with different students and academics enriching our studies to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Lise Peray-Christensen
Student rep, Anglia Ruskin University

Lise’s interest in visual optics comes from her own experience as a patient with an infantile alternative strabismus (squint). The principle of working to help people has always been something that motivates her. She loves being in contact with patients and helping others. Optometry is therefore the perfect balance between theory and clinical aspects. She is also inspired by all her activities outside of work including as taking part in an orchestra, a choir and running for charity.

Aston University

Aisha Rooble
Student rep, Aston University

Aisha is a second year student studying at Aston University. One of her favourite aspects of the course is the blend of theory and clinical practice simultaneously. In her free time, she tunes in with her creative side by doing watercolour painting and drawing.

Dhruva Patel
Student rep, Aston University

Dhruva is a second year student at Aston University. Alongside his aspiration to help others, his eagerness to interact with a range of individuals are the main reasons for him wanting to pursue a career as an optometrist. His role as an optical assistant has given him a greater insight into the profession and honed his skillset. Beyond work and studies, his interests include participating in competitive sports and volunteering at his local temple.

University of Bradford

Mariyah Mahmood
Student rep, The University of Bradford

Mariyah Mahmood is a second year Optometry student at the University of Bradford. She enjoys studying a subject with a strong scientific foundation that she can put into practice and improve the lives of patients. Her long-term aims are to pursue a career in research with a particular focus on degenerative conditions related to ageing. In her spare time, Mariyah can be found enjoying the views from her hiking expeditions in the Peak District and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. 

Sabah Gohar
Student rep, The University of Bradford

Sabah is a second year student at the University of Bradford who has found studying Optometry great so far! She enjoys the problem-solving aspect involved and using those skills in her labs. With the amount of studying required, motivation is key, all she needs is a hot drink and a 3-hour-playlist of white noise to keep her focused.

UWE Bristol

Muna Jasem Mohamad
Student rep, UWE Bristol

Muna is in her second year at UWE. She believes that the optometry field is growing day by day. She aspires to change patients' lives for the better and help patients to improve their quality of life by helping them see the world around them. She is looking forward to contributing as a student rep for the College in 2020.

Cardiff University 

Connor McCann
Student rep, Cardiff University

Connor is currently a second year optometry student at Cardiff University from Belfast, Ireland. He is thoroughly enjoying his degree and time in Cardiff, helped by the high quality teaching and the amazing friends he’s made. When not at university he works part-time as an optical assistant and as a lifeguard. He is also a keen member of the Athletics Club, both at home and at university. You can usually find him at Lidl Bakery or in the library catching up on notes!

Nkosi Yearwood
Student rep, Cardiff University

Nkosi has wanted to be an optometrist since being in the patient’s chair himself. He thinks optometry is a great combination of science and interaction with people, and you can make your career as unique as you want. He loves baking as a de-stressor, and plays badminton in his (very limited) spare time! He is also a physics mentor and GCSE tutor, as he loves dipping back into core science as his degree gets more clinical.

City, University of London 

Zain Hussain
Student rep, City, University of London

My name is Zain and I am currently a second year optometry student at City University of London. I enjoy my course and have made amazing friends who also share my passion for optometry. I especially enjoy clinical lab work, in which I get to try all the equipment I will be using on a daily basis in my future career. When I'm not studying, I enjoy socialising with friends and exploring London. I love trying new food spots, along with keeping myself fit by regularly going to the gym!

The most interesting thing about an optometry degree is seeing first-hand how much our profession helps improve people's lives every day, from noticing somebody wearing thick-lensed spectacles on the tube to seeing a person using an electronic vision aid.

Jasmin Ullaskumar
Student rep, City, University of London

Jasmin is in her second year of optometry at City University. For her, optometry provides the perfect balance of scientific theory and patient-centred care. Despite its challenges, Jasmin particularly enjoys the problem solving aspect of the course as it gives her an opportunity to think outside the box. When she’s not studying in the library, you can often find Jasmin indulging in the more than occasional Netflix binge. In the future, Jasmin hopes to run her own practice…but she’ll need to get her degree first!

Rikki Yellon
Student rep, City, University of London

Rikki is a second year optometry student at City, University of London. She loves studying a degree which combines academia and patient interaction. With vision being such a crucial part of our daily life, new and innovative technology advancements means that the positive impact an optometrist can have is so much greater. In the future Rikki hopes to specialise in an ocular disease such as AMD or glaucoma. If Rikki wasn't studying optometry, she would probably be studying another healthcare profession.

Glasgow Caledonian University 

Hannah Einarson
Student rep, Glasgow Caledonian University

Hannah is a second year optometry student at GCU. She flew over the pond from Winnipeg, Canada, inspired by her inability to see without glasses/contact lenses, and cool fundus photos. Hannah has a love for science and enjoys how a career in optometry can help people receive a better quality of life. The best part about the course is how hands-on it is, and how fun the practicals can be. Outside of university she has been travelling and enjoying the different cultures of people she has met since she moved.

Laura Ballingall
Student rep, Glasgow Caledonian University

Laura is a third year optometry student at Glasgow Caledonian University. She joined the course as a mature student after working full-time in an independent practice. She soon fell in love with the clinical aspect of the role and wanted to explore it further. She loves the balance between clinical and theory in the course - every patient is different, and she loves the challenge and learning opportunity this brings. Before optometry, her background was in hospitality. Her passion for food and wine remains – she loves everything Italy and has a reputation for never being without snacks during lectures!


University of Hertfordshire 

Tom Bonfield
Student rep, University of Hertfordshire

Having qualified as a dispensing optician, Tom wanted to continue his education in optics by studying optometry at Hertfordshire, where he's originally from. He loves optometry as it an incredibly unique career which provides so many different options. Tom's favourite aspect of studying optometry is meeting and talking to real patients. When he isn't studying in the library, Tom is usually cooking, baking or eating the results with friends. If Tom wasn't in optics, he would probably be a nurse. 

University of Huddersfield

Mohammed Hussain
Student rep, University of Huddersfield

Mohammed is a student at the University of Huddersfield. He has worked in optics for eight years, first as an optical assistant and then as a dispensing optician for four and a half years. He has had a desire to do optometry for years now and is really pleased to have this opportunity. Outside of studying he enjoys spending the time with his two children and going to the gym. 

University of Central Lancashire

Emily May Chell
Student rep, University of Central Lancashire

Emily started her career by applying for a Saturday job in her local opticians, and immediately fell in love with optics. Within a year she began training as a dispensing optician, eventually qualifying 3.5 years ago. She always knew she wanted to take it further and she is fascinated by anatomy, so naturally becoming an optometrist was the next step. 

University of Manchester 

Kobytha Kobynathsingh
Student rep, University of Manchester

Kobytha Kobynathsingh is a second year optometry student at the University of Manchester. Her passion came from her personal experiences at the opticians when she first went with astigmatic vision at a very young age, and they prescribed her with lenses that fixed her vision through the use of glasses. She wants to help make a difference in the world and give everyone the gift of sight.

Nadia Hussain
Student rep, University of Manchester

Nadia studies optometry at the University of Manchester. Amazed by the unique nature of the eye and the rapid advancement in optical research, she decided to pursue an optometry degree. She believe this career will be great for her as she’ll be able to help those in need in the UK and abroad. Studying optometry has also given her more confidence as she has been able to meet a huge range of people.

University of Plymouth

Maria Zawadyl
Student rep, Plymouth University

Maria has come to study at the University of Plymouth from Warsaw, Poland. She was interested in physics, specifically optical physics, and that sparked her interest in optometry. She always looks for ways to learn new things and engage in as many activities as possible, including a research project for which she was awarded the Undergraduate Research Scholarship from the College. If Maria isn’t studying, then she is probably cycling or horse riding.

Mohammed Taherali
Student rep, Plymouth University

Mohammed studies optometry at Plymouth University. Before studying optometry, he was studying in Nairobi, Kenya where he first started becoming interested in optics. His favourite part aspect of studying optometry is therapeutics and pathology. In his spare time he watches Arsenal, but recently he’d rather watch paint dry! If he wasn’t studying optometry, he would have chosen English Literature. 

University of Portsmouth 

Zainab Alkadhimi
Student rep, University of Portsmouth

Zainab is a student at the University of Portsmouth. She is currently practicing in the university eye clinic daily, meeting all different walks of life testing on low vision to binocular anomalies to colorimetery assessments to three year olds! She is also particularly enjoying ocular pharmacology and learning the effects of drugs on the ANS pathways.

Ulster University

Azizeh Ahmadi
Student rep, Ulster University

I believe that pursuing a career in optometry means being able to help those in need. Vision is one of our most valuable senses. As an Optometrist, I will be making profound and lasting impact on the lives of those that really need it. Just knowing that I will have the ability to make a difference and help them see, gives me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. I particularly enjoy the practical and clinical aspect of my course.

Moad Zaidani Filali
Student rep, Ulster University

Moad is a second year optometry student at Ulster University. His favourite parts of optometry study are the clinical aspects, the autonomy that each optometrist has and the relationship that an optometrist can build with their patient. Eye diseases and vision research fascinates him too. During his free time, Moad likes to play football and travel.


A great opportunity to meet new people - and it looks great on your CV too.

Annabelle Gorham College student Rep 2017, Cardiff University