Strategic plan

In 2014, we developed and published our three year strategic plan. It sets out the steps we are taking in order to achieve our strategic objectives and serve our members.

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In View is the College's strategic plan for 2014 - 2017, and sets out our view of the optometry now and moving forward, and how we aim to acheive our four main strategic objectives:

  • Strategic objective 1 - to ensure the College membership is valuable to optometrists and an asset to their employers.
  • Strategic objective 2 - to provide and promote high quality services and support for members to develop their individual clinical practice 
  • Strategic objective 3 - to influence policy and decision makers in health care and delivery in the UK countries by showing how optometrists can improve the quality of eye care
  • Strategic objective 4 - to make people aware that they should look after their eyes and of the important role that optometrists play in maintaining or improving sight.

Download the latest Strategic Plan: