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We have a growing collection of case studies, provided by our members, which we are happy to share with journalists.

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We have a growing collection of patient case studies, involving our College members. We ask our members to provide us with case studies that illustrate the following situations:

  • Someone who was diagnosed with an eye condition (e.g. glaucoma) in the early stages and as a result was able to have the condition treated before permanent damage was caused.
  • Someone who was diagnosed with an eye condition (such as dry eye) and given treatment which quickly eased their symptoms.
  • Someone who went for a regular sight test appointment and a possible wider health condition was picked up by the optometrist.

If you are a journalist, we’re happy for you to use the below case studies in your publication. When possible we have provided images, but do get in touch, as we can often provide more if needed. If you would like to speak directly to the case study or our member involved, do get in touch with our PR Manager, as it’s likely we can arrange this.

If you would like details about a patient with a particular condition and it is not listed below, we can also approach members directly so do get in touch and we will do our best to help.

To find out more about the College's patient case studies, or to obtain a specific case study,  phone the College’s PR Manager,  Ann-Marie Gannon  on 020 7766 4342 or email


Patient case studies

Vision and sport - Sam Rolph

Optometrists take into account a patient's lifestyle, work and hobbies when making recommendations and offering advice. In this case study, a young footballer benefits from exchanging sports googles for contact lenses.

Vision and sport - Madaline Rolph

Many children and young people would like to wear contact lenses to help them make the most of their sport and other leisure activities. Madaline Rolph started wearing contact lenses for sports when she was 11, following advice from her optometrist.

Detecting a tumour in the eye – Kelly Luff

An eye examination picks up a broader health issues, as well as a variety of eye health and sight problems. Kelly Luff explains how a routine visit to the optometrist saved her life.

Routine examination leads to cancer diagnosis - Melvyn Wyke

When he spotted a lesion during a routine eye examination, Melvyn Wyke's optometrist, Zahir Panju MCOptom, referred him to his GP for further investigation. This lead to diagnosis of a rare form of cancer.

Online spectacles

Focus group members compare experiences of buying spectacles online and from an optometry practice.