Museum History

Learn about the history of the British Optical Association Museum - the oldest of its type in the world and still one of the most significant. You can also learn about the people who have cared for its collections over the years within two parent organisations and four different locations. If you're brave enough, read up on the resident ghosts who may haunt the museum rooms at the College.

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Explore the history of the museum

Museum History 1901-1980

The history of the BOA Museum from its foundation to its inheritance by the College.

Museum History 1980-2020

The continuing history of the BOA Museum in the custodianship of the College.

Museum History 2021-

How we bounced back following the worldwide pandemic...

Curators and Volunteers

The men and women who have looked after the BOA Museum collections.

Craven Street Ghosts

Is the College of Optometrists haunted? Some people claim to have seen things.