Position statements

The College publishes position statements on various issues that affect our members and the optometry sector at large.

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Use of Chloramphenicol POM in paediatric populations

The College's position on the use of Chloramphenicol POM in paediatric populations

Optometrist degree apprenticeships

College of Optometrists position statement on an optometrist degree apprenticeship

The Ophthalmic Common Clinical Competency Framework

In 2016, the Common Clinical Competency Framework (CCCF) was published, setting out the standards and guidance for the knowledge and skills required for non-medical eye healthcare professionals to deliver patient care in a multidisciplinary team setting.

Blue blocking spectacle lenses

The College's position on blue blocking spectacle lenses

Guidance on record keeping

A joint statement on record keeping by the Optical Confederation and the College of Optometrists

Ready-made spectacles

The College's position on ready-made spectacles

Eye health inequalities

The College’s position on health inequalities.

Lid hygiene in the management of blepharitis

The College’s position on lid hygiene in the management of blepharitis.

Online spectacles

The College’s position on the sale of spectacles online.