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September 2021 issue

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What are patients' beliefs about, and experiences of, adaptation to glasses and how does this affect their wearing habits?

Amy Hughes et al.
This study used focus groups to investigate patient views on adapting to new spectacles, including their attitudes, decisions and wearing habits. It found that patients would benefit from significantly more information about the symptoms of adaptation (and practical tips to help with the process), but also that the physical, behavioural and emotional adaptation required by patients may be underestimated.

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How accessible is primary eye care for children in England?

Rakhee Shah et al.
In this study, 400 community optometric practices in England were contacted with hypothetical child patient scenarios to investigate potential barriers to eye care for children. It found that a child’s age could be such a barrier, as most surveyed practices stated that lack of communication from the child and equipment were the cause of their minimum age policy. As a result, eye examinations may be more accessible for children over five than those between one and three years of age.

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Association of vision loss and depressive symptomatology in older adults assessed for ocular health in senior living facilities

Steven M Silverstein et al.
Despite being at increased risk, screening for depression is rare among those known to have vision disorders. This study looked at two senior living facilities and in over 200 residents found 50% impaired vision, while 28.9% met the screening criteria for major depression. The level of depression, though, was more correlated to ability to do things that need vision and the degree of social support available than to retinal findings or visual acuity.

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