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Special edition - May 2021

The latest edition of OPO is themed around refractive care, and global inequalities in accessing it. Featured papers cover a diverse range of topics, and include:

Refractive Blur Affects Judgement of Pedestrian Walking Direction at Night

Wood et al.
This paper highlights the importance of drivers wearing optimal spectacle corrections at night-time, and of pedestrians wearing retro-reflective biomotion clothing to improve visibility to on-coming drivers.

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Contact Lens Education for the Practitioners of the Future

Naroo et al.
Looks at how contact lenses are successful not only in correcting myopia but also in limiting the progress of myopia in children, and what this means for the profession, worldwide. 

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Associations between visual function and magnitude of refractive error for emmetropic to moderately hyperopic 4- and 5-Year-Old children in the Vision in Preschoolers - Hyperopia in Preschoolers Study

Ciner et al.
With an increasing emphasis on near activities for the acquisition of early literacy skills, the impact of deficits in a child’s near visual skills on everyday function are important factors to evaluate during these formative years.

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Gender and ethnic diversity in global ophthalmology and optometry association leadership: a time for change

Yashadhana et al.
The authors analyse current data and contend that equity and inclusion in eye health leadership is essential for equity in eye health to be realised, and that there is a long way to go.

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