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17 May 2017

DOCET - Advances in eyecare: future technologies

This course investigates the future of contact lens material technology and listen in to a debate between leading experts in the contact lens field. It also explores the recent developments in eye tracking technology.

Contact lenses
17 May 2017

DOCET - Contact Lenses: Core Skills - Fitting and Aftercare

This programme covers the basic routine for fitting and assessing contact lenses.

Contact lenses
Contact lenses
15 February 2017

Contact lenses essential reading and learning

Links to top reading picks, guidance and qualifications to improve your knowledge and understanding of contact lenses.

Contact lenses
Children Contact lenses
24 January 2017

Fitting contact lenses

College guidance on fitting contact lenses.

Contact lenses
23 January 2017

Patient leaflets

AMD Cataract Children Contact lenses Falls Glaucoma
Contact lenses CET 1
03 June 2016

Contact lenses - Judith Morris FCOptom

Top reading picks on contact lenses by Judith Morris FCOptom

Contact lenses
03 May 2016

Using evidence in practice - precision tinted lenses

A useful fact sheet for practitioners.

Contact lenses Dispensing
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