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Children Myopia
10 February 2016

Myopic baby case study

You can discuss this case study in practice as part of your CET. Key questions and sample answers are included.

Children Myopia
Children Myopia
20 January 2016

NICER study findings on myopia

New evidence on the growing problem of childhood myopia in the UK.

Children Myopia
18 August 2015

Myopia in practice: evidence for intervention

There is growing interest in myopia and myopia control within the optometry community. This article looks at the evidence for intervention.

10 May 2013

Myopia and international educational performance

The relationship between myopia, educational performance and engagement in after-school tutorial classes.

01 October 2008

Complete issue, OiP, Volume 9, Issue 4, 2008, various authors

Articles cover: The ageing eye; myopia; current concepts in AMD; and the ocular consequences of HIV-AIDS.

AMD Myopia