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Public health
Public health
Public health
22 February 2017

Better data, better care - ophthalmic public health data report

A report into the ophthalmic public health data available, and how it can be improved to be more useful. (1.3MB)

Public health
15 February 2017

Blue light lecture

The role of short wavelength blue light in normal physiology and its potential for harm. The use of lenses for photoprotection and vision enhancement. Spectacle lens technology and advising appropriate lenses for vocational use.

Public health
07 February 2017

Driving (older patient) case study

004 Case study: Driving (older patient)

Driving Public health
24 January 2017

DOCET - Open your Eyes: Modern life and its effects on the eye: Driving

Do you know your legal responsibilities with regards to patients' vision and driving?

Driving Public health
23 January 2017

Focus on falls

The Focus on falls report and campaign focuses on working with UK falls services to identify and support patients with failing vision. There are plenty of opportunities for members to get involved.

Falls Public health
16 February 2016

Computer vision syndrome (a.k.a. digital eye strain)

Principal ocular causes for the condition, and how the standard eye examination should be modified to meet today's visual demands.

Public health CET 1
10 February 2016

Driving and pupil dilation case study

You can discuss this case study in practice as part of your CET. Key questions and sample answers are included.

Driving Public health
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