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Join us for our upcoming campaign where we will be highlighting the importance of good vision, eye health, and helping the public to #FocusOnLife.

The College of Optometrists provides advice on safeguarding eye health and vision over the winter months.

College produces new hay fever infographic, pollen calendar and social media assets for members.

The College of Optometrists is encouraging drivers to consider their eyesight when driving.

The College of Optometrists offers support to hay fever sufferers on managing their symptoms.

1 in 5 Brits (22%) have postponed or cancelled a sight test in the past year due to cost concerns

The College is supporting a major new road safety campaign called ‘Is Your Vision Roadworthy’.

The College advises the public against wearing novelty contact lenses this Halloween unless they are prescribed.

This Halloween we're urging the public to think about their eye health.

Nearly a quarter of UK drivers who have been advised to wear glasses while driving admit to not wearing them behind the wheel.

We provide advice on protecting the public's vision and eye health this summer. Scroll down for graphics you can use to help share our message.

As the nights draw in and winter deepens, we may experience some problems with our vision, and find that our eyes need some seasonal care.

College advises how hay fever sufferers can manage symptoms and minimise effects

As the nights draw in and we enter a harsh winter, we may experience some issues with our eyes and even our vision, as we find that our eyes need some particular seasonal care.