People of different ethnicities are at increased risk of different eye conditions.

The clinical figures that count

Podcast: Martin and Daniel talk to Dr Deanna Taylor MCOptom about her research looking at age-related macular degeneration through patients' eyes in The College of Optometrists' pilot podcast.


Dr David Robert Grimes looks at the eye health issues that are making the news.

Radhika Holmstöm examines the case for antioxidant and vitamin supplements preventing, or slowing the progress of, AMD.

The clinical figures that count

What's happening in the world of technology?

Seek out cutting-edge clinical content to address new challenges, says Kieran Loft MCOptom.

Georgina Wintersgill asks how patient research on symptoms online impacts on practice, and how you can assess the evidence that supports the right treatment recommendations.

Rima Evans looks at the work of those offering practical support and rehabilitation for people with visual impairment

Since October 2017, NICE has issued two new clinical guidelines and one update concerning the three most common age-related causes of sight loss. Madeleine Bailey looks at what it means for you – and NHS eye services overall

Member briefing: A new NICE guideline on the diagnosis and management of AMD came into effect on 23 January 2018. The new guideline includes recommendations for testing, and a comprehensive list of classifications to aid referral.

This narrative review summarises emerging interventions that may be mentioned in the popular and professional press, and may be on our menu of treatment options to discuss with patients in the near future.


An overview of the background and current treatment options available for the macular diseases retinal vein occlusion, diabetic macular oedema and age-related macular degeneration.

The role of optometrist in the detection and management of AMD in the UK and Australia.

This article reviews the various treatment options available as prophylactic therapy for early AMD.


Investigating current practice for managing and treating AMD in Ireland and the UK.


Can modern high-resolution OCT alone provide sufficient information on which to base a decision to treat?

Evaluating the risk of AMD amongst construction workers in Ireland.


Articles cover: Modifiable risk factors for AMD; Medical management of common corneal conditions; testing visual acuity of young children; lasers; the purpose of an eye test among people aged 60 and over.

Articles cover decontamination, how patients make choices, refractive surgery,referral behaviour, optometric management of AMD.


Pilot data from surveys examining the roles of community-based and hospital optometrists in the assessment and management of patients with suspected AMD.

Articles cover: The ageing eye; myopia; current concepts in AMD; and the ocular consequences of HIV-AIDS.

A review of the modern classifications of AMD and available treatments.