Podcast: Martin discusses eye-related issues to look out for in newborns with Dr Gill Adams and Daniel speaks with Mental Health Counsellor, David Beeney.

Podcast: We ask Dr Rowan Candy questions there wasn't time to cover during her keynote lecture on young children who are at risk for strabismus and amblyopia.

There has been an update to the summary of product characteristics for the Prescription Only Medicine form of chloramphenicol 0.5% multi-dose eye drops.

Direct your patients to our brand new, easy to understand information on eye-related issues in new born babies. 

The College of Optometrists presented the prestigious Research Excellence Awards today as part of Optometry Tomorrow Bitesize 2021.

CCEHC makes recommendations for children who have missed out on vision screening due to COVID-19.

Should you examine young patients without a parent or carer present?

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A young patient's mother is insistent that he doesn't need spectacles but, in your opinion he should be wearing them. What should you do?

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