You are concerned about another practitioner offering tests to predict patients more likely to develop dementia. What do you do?

The College celebrates its 40th anniversary.

We have responded to a green paper on prevention public from the Department of Health and Social Care.

The College of Optometrists has completed research on the experiences of vision assessment for people living with a form of dementia that impacts vision.

New advances in eye screening technology are identifying conditions that would otherwise have remained hidden. But how do we interpret the results?

Madeleine Bailey looks at the cutting-edge research that may one day lead to a diagnostic eye test for Alzheimer’s disease.

Read the College's response to the NICE consultation on its quality standard for dementia (February 2019).

Member briefing: This page explains the key findings of the PrOVIDe study and sets out how this knowledge might benefit you in practice.

This paper provides practical advice for optometrists examining patients with dementia.

The risks of developing both dementia and visual impairment increase with age, so a large population of people in the UK affected by dementia may also have visual impairment.

This article introduces a proposal and outlines the areas that should be covered within a pathway.