10. Recall frequency for patient with glaucoma

13 November 2020
Cataract Glaucoma

How frequently you should you carry out regular eye examinations on a patient with glaucoma?


Faith Williams, aged 75, attends the hospital regularly because she has had glaucoma for the past five years. Her last hospital check-up was six months ago, and she is going there again in six months time. You examine her and find: R+2.50/-0.50 x 90 VA 6/7.5 L+2.00/-0.50 x 85 VA 6/6- Reading add +2.75 gives N5 binocularly. There is no significant change from her previous prescription. Cover test is orthophoric for distance, 5 prism dioptres of exophoria for reading, which is not causing any problems. She has some cataract in both eyes, which is normal for her age, and is not causing her any problems. She is retired and does not drive. CDRs are R 0.5 and L 0.4. She refuses to have NCT (she hates the ‘puff’) or visual field tests done. 

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