16. Patient does not attend dilation appointment

13 November 2020

What should you do if your patient fails to attend a follow up appointment?


You are the resident optometrist at your practice. Robin Brownlow, aged 77, is booked in to see you for a dilation having been seen by the locum optometrist six days ago. The locum optometrist found that his VA was reduced from 6/9 R and L previously (2 years ago) to R 6/24 and L 6/12 but could not adequately view his fundus because of Robin’s small pupils. The record card is noted as ‘reflex poor’ R>L. Robin’s prescription has not significantly changed from his prescription 2 years ago, and he presented noticing that his vision in his RE had been poor over the past few weeks. IOP was normal, but central visual field testing was unreliable.

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