29. Re-examination interval of a diabetic patient

13 November 2020
Medical retina

When should you routinely recall diabetic patients?


Maude Butler aged 67, attends a local diabetic eye screening programme (DESP) annually because she has had diabetes for the past five years. Her last screening was six months ago, and no problems were found. You examine her and find:

R +1.50/-0.75 x 105 VA 6/7.5
L +1.75/-0.25 x 80 VA 6/6
Reading add +2.50 gives N5 binocularly.

There is no significant change from her previous prescription and you advise her that her spectacles are fine. All ocular findings are normal. She has mild cataract in her right eye, but this is normal for her age. She is retired and does not drive.

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