03. Spectacle supply to old prescription

13 November 2020

Your patient wants you to make up spectacles from a four year old prescription. What should you do?


Martin Brown, aged 55, last had his sight tested four years ago. When you saw him then his prescription was R+7.25/-0.50 x 90 VA 6/6; L+8.50 DS VA 6/7.5, which was unchanged from his last sight test. Reading add +2.00 gave N5 binocularly. His media were clear and fundi were normal with RCD 0.25 and L0.35, and IOPs were R14 and L12mmHg. You put him down for a routine two yearly recall. He has now phoned you explaining that he lost his specs yesterday whilst he was overseas and he won’t be back to the UK for another four days. No local practice can make up specs for him before he returns home so he would like you to do a replacement pair for him to collect on his way back from the airport. He is sure that his eyes have not changed, as he could see clearly with his specs before he lost them. 

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