39. A locum’s dilemma

13 November 2020
Binocular vision Cataract

Maajid is a locum who's taken on a new role at a practice where a vital piece of equipment is not working and will not be replaced for several months. What should he do?


Maajid is a locum who has just taken on a new role. He has contracted to cover three days a week for a three-month period, due to a resident optometrist’s long-term leave. When Maajid arrived at the practice, it was clear the visual fields machine was not working. The practice manager was aware of the issue and a service engineer had attempted a repair. However, it was concluded the cost of repair made it unviable and a new instrument would have to be acquired. The practice manager said that the head office had budgeted for the replacement in the next financial year; as such a new visual fields machine would be purchased in five months’ time.

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