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Integrity and conflicts of interest

You must ensure that your financial and commercial practices do not compromise patient safety.
You must be honest in your financial and commercial dealings with patients, colleagues, employers, insurers and other organisations.
You must not accept inducements or gifts that may be seen as affecting your patient care or your recommendation of a course of action, for example referring a patient to a particular clinic.308
You must never accept gifts, hospitality or bequests that may affect, or be seen to affect, your professional judgement or the public’s trust in the profession. You must also not put pressure on patients or their families to make donations to other people or organisations.
You must declare any conflict, or perceived conflict of interest. This applies to your practice as well as to related activities such as attending meetings and giving lectures.
You must only refer a patient to a colleague if this is in the patient’s best interests, rather than for your own, or a colleague’s, financial gain or benefit.
See section on Partnership with patients.


308 Bribery Act 2010 [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]