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Practitioner responsibilities

You must follow the law on Health and Safety at Work.178, 179 
You must follow the regulations on substances hazardous to health.180, 181 
If you are self-employed or a locum you should also comply with the practice’s reasonable rules and instructions.
You must report any potential risk to patients, yourself or colleagues to your employer or other appropriate person.182
You must work safely and minimise risks to patients,183 including the use of hazard control and infection control. See sections on Infection control and Use and supply of drugs or medicines in optometric practice.
If you are an employee, your employer is responsible for reporting injuries and incidents.184, 185 If you are self-employed, the person in control of the premises (which may be you) should report such injuries or incidents. If the responsible person is not present at the time of the incident, you should report it to them at the earliest opportunity.
You should report any adverse incidents. See section on Protecting patients, colleagues and others from harm
You should contribute to workplace clinical audits. See section on Research and audit
You should respond to requests from organisations monitoring public health.
You must act promptly if you think a patient is at risk as a result of: 
  1. lack of care 
  2. inadequate premises or equipment
  3. a colleague who may not be fit to practise
You should maintain your own immunisation and health. See section on Infection control
If you have a health condition that could pose a risk to a patient, you must take appropriate steps to minimise the risk of infection. See section on Infection control
You should be aware of situations of increased concern announced or notified to you by your local public health team including, patients with transmissible infections. Where patients have suspected or confirmed transmissible infection, you should use appropriate transmission-based infection control precautions.