Optometry in Practice (OiP) is the College’s quarterly CPD/CET journal. In every edition you will find articles highlighting the latest research, analysis and opinion on a range of topics.

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Cataract Driving Glaucoma Public health
Public health CET 1
Public health CET 1
Public health CET 1
16 February 2016 Optometry in Practice

Computer vision syndrome (a.k.a. digital eye strain)

Principal ocular causes for the condition, and how the standard eye examination should be modified to meet today's visual demands.

Public health
17 November 2015 Optometry in Practice

Visual acuity standards for driving

Guidance on current visual acuity standards for driving in the UK and advising patients on their fitness to drive.

Driving Public health
Contact lenses Public health
23 May 2012 Optometry in Practice

Medication handling and the elderly patient: a challenge for the optometrist

How failing vision, along with other symptoms of ageing can affect patients' management of their medication.

Public health
01 August 2011 Optometry in Practice

Complete Issue, OIP, Volume 12, Issue 3, 2011, various authors

Articles in this edition cover: Therapeutics, OCT vs FFA, corneal confocal microscopy, amblyopia management and Britain's eye health.

Independent prescribing Public health
02 October 2006 Optometry in Practice

Complete issue, OiP, Volume 7, Issue 4, 2006, various authors

Articles cover: Disciplinary cases and the issues they raise, smoking and eye disease, the electrophysiology of vision and macular holes.

Public health