16 June 2020

College welcomes GOC clarification on re-opening optical practices in England

This afternoon, the GOC issued an update to their statement on re-opening optical practices in England. This advises that ‘registrants are able to deliver private eye care including private sight tests / eye examinations and aftercare appointments. However, in doing so registrants should follow the guidance from their professional bodies. Current guidance from the College of Optometrists is that during this ‘amber’ phase of the pandemic this should be needs and symptoms led. Prior to the amber phase, the professional bodies had recommended that practices follow the NHS model and only see patients requiring urgent, essential or emergency care.’
We welcome and fully support this statement as providing a clear direction that registrants should follow College guidance, and put patient safety first, by practitioners wearing PPE, practising comprehensive infection control and social distancing where possible. To ensure patient and practitioner safety continues while there is still sustained community transmission, we recommend cases should be prioritised according to needs.

This article was correct at time of publication. 

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