3 August 2023

BBC Sounds episode focuses on glasses

College museum curator, Dr Neil Handley, talks to BBC's Charlotte Stavrou about the history of spectacles.

Glasses have been using a unique combination of science and design to help us see better for centuries. With an estimated 4 billion adults wearing them, it's no wonder they made a SPECtacular topic for the latest BBC Sounds - All Consuming episode

In this programme, Charlotte Stavrou speaks to College curator Dr Neil Handley about the history of spectacles, which were first created around 750 years ago. The College's British Optical Association Museum houses the largest collection of eyewear in the UK.

BBC's Charlotte Stavrou

As well as the history of glasses, the programme also covers spectacles as a fashion accessory and how artificial intelligence (AI) and camera technology can be used to help people who are severely visually impaired. 

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