13 March 2023

Resources to support members during World Glaucoma Week

As the world observes World Glaucoma Week (12-18 March), the College wants to highlight the resources we offer to help optometrists provide the best possible care to their patients with glaucoma.

As optometrists, we play a crucial role in identifying patients with glaucoma and managing their condition over time. 

Our suite of resources supports you as optometrists in the effort to combat glaucoma and include: clinical guidelinesbest practice advicewebinars and online learning. You could also consider a College-accredited higher qualification in Glaucoma to enable you to manage glaucoma and related conditions more effectively, and increase your levels of responsibility in glaucoma clinics.

Our members also have access to patient information leaflets to educate your patients about glaucoma, its risk factors, and the importance of regular eye exams. By empowering patients with information, we can help them take an active role in their eye health and encourage them to seek treatment if needed.

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