A matter of research

21 August 2023
Acuity digital

Acuity spoke to College members Amy Hughes MCOptom and Ian Jarvis MCOptom about their experiences of research.

Primary Eyecare Services Clinical Lead Amy Hughes MCOptom is also a PhD student at the University of Bradford. The most recent of her three research papers, ‘Distance spectacle-wearing habits in older patients in England’, is due to be published this autumn in Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics. Amy received funding through the College’s Small Grants Scheme to conduct her research. 

Ian Jarvis MCOptom is Principal Optometrist at Jarvis Optometrist in Dundee. As well as running his own independent practice for more than 30 years, Ian has conducted community practice-based research, assessing the effect of topical azithromycin on meibomian gland dysfunction. The College helped Ian publish his findings. 

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