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3 May 2024
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A partnership for now and the future

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that achieving success in contact lens wear is built on two fundamental aspects: driving contact lens innovation to improve the quality of vision and comfort - meeting the demands of patients’ modern lifestyles; and the elevation of our educational offering to support the needs of our eye care professional partners.

That’s why our focus will always remain on delivering the highest quality support, designed to match your needs. We aim to aid your professional development, help drive efficiencies within your practice and simplify the processes related to contact lenses. All allowing you to do what you do best and dedicate more time to help your contact lens patients.


Supporting you to deliver for your patients

We continually evaluate and update our eye care professional resources to provide a category-leading repository of trusted, useful and effective support materials. At its foundation, the 16 CPD courses currently available, with more frequently added, are ready to help you update your clinical knowledge. A plethora of other rich content covers a wide spectrum of topics from simple contact lens fitting to patient adoption support.

Delivered through our virtual Education Centre, Spotify and others, we have more content with more ways to learn than ever.


Get started today:

Patient comfort, in focus

We all understand the importance of contact lens comfort to patients, but helping them understand the nuances in different products or technologies and their resulting benefits is not always easy.

Our innovative and insightful podcast series, ‘Vision Matters’ brings to life a whole new way to learn. In our current comfort series, understand how the science behind contact lens materials can help practitioners to offer personalised contact lens recommendations and maximise patient satisfaction. Join Optometrist and Professional Affairs Consultant for the Vision team at Johnson & Johnson, Robyn Marsden as she speaks with industry experts and fellow eye care professionals.

In our latest episode, Understanding Physical Aspects of Contact Lens Comfort, Robyn speaks to Professor Mark Willcox, Professor and Research Director at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales, Australia and Marie-Therese Hall, Optometrist and Professional Affairs Consultant for the Vision team at Johnson & Johnson to reflect on how contact lens clinical research can be used in the consulting room to enhance patients’ contact lens experience.

By listening and completing the accompanying online exercises you can also earn CPD points. Visit Spotify today to listen to our comfort series or look back at previous episodes as Dr Katherine Evans, Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University, discusses communication, contact lenses and presbyopia.

All in one place, ready for you

The Johnson & Johnson virtual Education Centre offers tailored support to eye care professionals, providing the support you need for your professional development journey while addressing the diverse needs of patients. Designed with your needs in mind, the rich variety of content delivered in an online format allows you to choose the learning style that works for you, anytime, anywhere.

This specialised resource centre is invaluable for both practising and aspiring eye care professionals working with contact lenses and beyond. Free to access, the centre features high quality education and valuable CPD point certification alongside beneficial information on technology and techniques in contact lens fitting, care, and management to help you give the best for your patients' needs.

Simple to use, the Education Centre features trending topics and recommended learning articles, together with an extensive resource library in multiple formats. With topics and resources covering all subjects - from product technologies and their benefits like Eyelid Stabilised Design; fundamentals like contact lenses and the eye anatomy or core skill support like Slit-Lamp technique videos - it’s the ultimate support partner for you and your practice.

Visit our virtual Education Centre to discover the full range of free educational resources and get started today.

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