Adult-onset vitelliform macular dystrophy revealed after cataract surgery

29 January 2021
Winter 2021

Michelle Hanratty, Senior Optometrist at Optegra Birmingham Eye Hospital, on finding macular lesions in a patient at a postoperative assessment, and the ensuing treatment.

Presentation and History

An 88-year-old male patient attended a routine postoperative assessment in a hospital clinic four weeks after undergoing cataract surgery to his left eye. He was happy with the outcome as he had noticed a marked improvement in his distance vision, and colours were much more vivid than before surgery. He had been given a guarded prognosis at his pre-operative assessment due to the cataract being dense and the fundal view being hazy. Being pleased with the outcome, he was keen to have treatment on his other eye, which also had a moderately dense cataract.

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