Career profile: Dr Byki Huntjens MCOptom

31 January 2022
Winter 2022

The IACLE Contact Lens Educator of the Year has a great love for research and teaching contact lenses and dry eye disease.


Dr Byki Huntjens MCOptom

Current job?

Senior Lecturer and MSc Programme Director, Optometry


City, University of London

What inspired you to begin a career in optometry?
In high school I opened up the careers book for inspiration and landed on optometrist. No one in my family wore spectacles but I was fascinated. I spent a day shadowing our local optometrist and that’s when I knew I had found a gem.

During my pre-reg year I gained experience in fitting rigid corneal and overnight wear lenses. When I moved to the UK I realised that not many optometrists are very confident with rigid lenses. When the opportunity arose during my PhD to support the contact lens module at the university it developed into a passion.

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