Customer service leadership in tough times

26 August 2010
Volume 11, Issue 3

How behaviour models drive a culture of customer service excellence, and strong business performance.


A few years ago, Don Hales, co-author of this article, dropped and inadvertently stepped on his spectacles. It was an everyday accident but most people who wear spectacles will know the problem of trying to go a few days without them. A return to the optometrist from where they were purchased brought no joy. It would take days to get them fixed and nothing could be done. There was an absence of empathy and no alternative solution offered. A visit to another optometrist in the same area brought a different story. Yes, they could effect a quick repair, which would not look nice or be lasting, and they could also get a new pair made within 2 days. Since then the author has spent at least £1500 at this helpful practice and recommended it to his wife and two adult married children, living in the neighbourhood. How much is a very satisfied customer worth? How do we provide leadership to keep our customers satisfied and the tills ringing?

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