Understanding of the purpose of an eye test among people aged 60 and over in the UK

28 November 2010
Volume 11, Issue 4

A survey on attitudes to eye examinations among the over 60s.


The majority of people aged 60 and over are aware that the main purpose of an eye test was to detect eye disease early (59%) and a further 15% thought that the main purpose was to check the general health of the eyes. Differences in perception were found amongst demographic groups; most notably, people in lower-income groups were more likely to regard checking to see if a new prescription is required as the main reason. When asked about their own motivations for attending an eye test, 23% said this was because they knew that their optician could detect non-sight-related health issues. Taking up their eligibility for free eye tests was not a key motivating factor and was mentioned by just 1%. For those who had not had an eye test in the previous 2 years the main reason was that they did not think that there was anything wrong with their sight.

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